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Gnomie #1010: Sonny is a quiet and introspective gnomie from the planet Naxx. He is known for his calm and collected demeanor and his keen intellect, and he is always ready to explore the mysteries of the universe. 

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Gnomie #1010, also known as “Zane,” was an alien from the planet Naxx, located in the Cygnus constellation. Zane was a quiet and introspective gnomie, known for his calm and collected demeanor. He had always been fascinated by the inner workings of the universe, and he spent much of his time studying and contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos.

Zane’s desire for knowledge and understanding led him to join the crew of the Cryptomania yacht, where he quickly became known as the resident philosopher and scientist. He was often seen wearing his black suit and dragon fruit gummy dreads, and he was known for his keen intellect and analytical mind.

Despite his quiet and reserved nature, Zane was a valuable member of the Cryptomania crew, using his advanced technology and knowledge of the cosmos to help them navigate through the vast expanse of space. He was always ready to lend a helping hand, and he never hesitated to offer his insights and expertise to his fellow crewmates.

With his day background, pink skin, Einstein tab mouth, shroomies hand, and sunshine bass portal ear, Zane stood out as a unique and intelligent member of the Cryptomania team. He was always ready to explore the unknown and discover new wonders of the universe. Sonny is a thoughtful and intelligent member of the Cryptomania crew.

    • Background: “Day”
    • Skin: “Pink”
    • Shirt: “Black Suit”
    • Eye: “Sonny”
    • Hair: “Dragon Fruit Gummy Dreads”
    • Mouth: “Einstein Tab”
    • Hand: “Shroomies”
    • Hat: “Shroom Resin”
    Ear: “Sunshine Bass Portal”

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