The Alien Abduction of the Cryptomania Crew

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On new years eve, the crew members of Cryptomania, found themselves with an overabundance of their favorite herb. They decided to take advantage of the surplus and smoke as much as they possibly could in one sitting.

As they sat in a circle, passing joints and bongs back and forth, they soon found themselves in a state of intense euphoria. They laughed, they sang, and they told stories, completely unaware of their surroundings.

Suddenly, the room began to spin and the friends felt themselves being lifted off the ground. They panicked as they realized they were being abducted by aliens.

The aliens, who were fascinated by human behavior, had been watching the group for some time and were eager to study the effects of marijuana on their subjects. They took the members of Cryptomania to their spaceship and conducted various experiments, observing how the weed affected their cognitive functions and emotional states.

The friends were terrified at first, but as the hours passed, they found themselves becoming more and more relaxed under the influence of the marijuana. They didn’t even seem to care that they were being abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

Eventually, the aliens grew tired of their experiments and decided to return the group to Earth. As they landed back in the same spot where they had been taken, the members of Cannabis Life stumbled out of the spaceship, still high and giggling uncontrollably.

From that day on, they swore to never smoke so much weed again, fearing that they might attract the attention of more curious aliens. But they couldn’t deny that the experience had been out of this world.

Happy New Year!

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