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Gnomie #1009: Gerald is a mysterious and enigmatic gnomie from the planet Xara. He is known for his unusual habits and peculiar demeanor, and he is always ready to explore the strange and unusual aspects of the cosmos. With his sun up background, pink skin, white suit, psycho eyes, candy apple beads, Einstein tab mouth, and neon Gerald hat, Gerald is a unique and intriguing member of the Cryptomania team.

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Gnomie #1009, also known as “Gerald,” was an alien from the planet Xara, located in the Orion constellation. Gerald was a mysterious and enigmatic gnomie, known for his unusual and sometimes unsettling appearance. He had always been fascinated by the strange and unusual, and he enjoyed exploring the darker and more mysterious aspects of the universe.

Gerald’s thirst for adventure led him to join the crew of the Cryptomania yacht, where he quickly became known for his unusual habits and peculiar demeanor. He was often seen wearing his white suit and neon Gerald hat, and he had a habit of carrying around a large balloon filled with happy flowers.

Despite his strange appearance, Gerald was a valued member of the crew, using his advanced knowledge of the cosmos to help them.

Background: "Sun Up"
Skin: "Pink"
Shirt: "White Suit"
Eye: "Psycho"
Hair: "Candy Apple Beads"
Mouth: "Einstein Tab"
Third-eye: "Tri"
Hand: "Happy Flowers"
Hat: "Neon Gerald"
Ear: "Sunset Portal"

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