Gnomie #621 Tumbler


Gnomie #621: Sunny is a free-spirited and adventurous gnomie from the planet Zorg. He is known for his love of exploring the cosmos and his colorful and energetic personality. 

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Gnomie #621 , also known as “Sunny,” was an alien from the planet Zorg, located in the Andromeda galaxy. Sunny was a free-spirited and adventurous gnomie, always looking for new and exciting experiences. He had always been fascinated by the mysterious and diverse creatures that inhabited the universe, and he longed to explore and discover new worlds.

One day, Sunny’s wish finally came true when he was abducted by a group of humans from Earth. The humans, known as the crew of the Cryptomania yacht, were a group of stoners and tech-savvy individuals who were on the run from the law. Sunny was intrigued by their unique and chaotic lifestyle, and he decided to join them on their journey.

Sunny quickly adapted to life on the yacht, using his advanced technology and knowledge of the cosmos to help the crew navigate through the vast expanse of space. He became known as the resident space expert and party gnomie, using his lit shroom balloon hand and midnight portal ear to bring fun and excitement to every gathering.

This Insulated Tumbler features:

  • Background: “Sunrise”
  • Skin: “Pink Melt”
  • Shirt: “Tie Dye Yellow”
  • Eye: “Kaleidoscope Third Eye Glasses”
  • Hair: “Orange Gummy Dreads”
  • Mouth: “Space Invasion”
  • Hand: “Lit Shroom Balloon”
  • Hat: “Happy Skull”
  • Ear: “Midnight Portal”

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